Terms and Conditions

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Following are the terms and conditions applicable for both the customer users (Hereinafter referred to as "CUSTOMER") as well as affiliate / reseller user (Hereinafter referred to as "RESELLER/AFFILIATE"), who are using the website (Hereinafter referred to as "WIKIMINT PRO") for purchasing the products or recommending the products to earn sales commission:


  1. WIKIMINT PRO is not a manufacture (or) trader (or) retail seller of any products listed in this website and not directly selling any products to the CUSTOMERS, rather we only recommend and list out the products from other eCommerce providers or marketplaces.
  2. If customers choose to buy any products from WIKIMINT PRO, they have two options to proceed with.
    1. CUSTOMERS can place orders on this website itself.
    2. CUSTOMERS will be redirected to third party websites like, Flipkart, etc.
  3. While placing orders directly on WIKIMINT PRO, CUSTOMERS cannot make any payment transactions, rather they can only place orders on Cash on delivery (COD) basis.
  4. WIKIMINT PRO does not update (or) know regarding the stock availability of any products. Therefore, if it is known later that the product is out of stock after the order is placed, CUSTOMER will be intimated regarding the status, thereby the order will be considered as cancelled.
  5. CUSTOMERS who are logged in while purchasing any products will be rewarded by cash in percentage basis
  1. WIKIMINT PRO conducts affiliate / reseller program. Both the CUSTOMERS and RESELLERS/AFFILIATES are eligible to join and participate in the program and earn cash rewards. We are sharing the revenue with our CUSTOMERS and RESELLERS/AFFILIATES.
  2. RESELLERS/AFFILIATES has two options to promote the products.
    1. Share any product links to others (CUSTOMERS buy themselves)
    2. Place orders in their customer name and address
  3. Not all the products are eligible for reward / commission. The detail is mentioned in the every product page itself.
  4. No minimum payment threshold to receive cash reward / commission. If a RESELLER/AFFILIATE has made only ₹1.00, the amount will be immediately released to his account.
  5. No need to request for payment. Payments will be made immediately only when the following conditions are met:
    1. The product should be delivered to the CUSTOMER and should not be returned back or cancelled
    2. After WIKIMINT PRO receiving payment from the product selling source.
    3. As mentioned earlier, WIKIMINT PRO does not know regarding the status of product stock availability as well as commission eligibility status. The commission eligibility status may change time to time, in which case the RESELLER/AFFILIATE may not receive commission, even if the recommended product is sold and delivered.
  6. Once the CUSTOMER opens the product link shared by the RESELLER/AFFILIATE, he eligible to receive commission for all the (any) products purchased by that particular customer till 90 days.
  7. The following scenario explains how and who will earn cash reward / commission:
    1. If a CUSTOMER purchases a product without any referral and without logging in to Wikimint, nobody will earn cash reward / commission.  
    2. If a CUSTOMER purchases a product referred by a RESELLER/AFFILIATE and without logging in to Wikimint, the RESELLER/AFFILIATE only will earn commission and all Wikimint members including CUSTOMER (If a member of Wikimint) will earn auto-fill bonus reward. 
    3. If a CUSTOMER purchases a product referred by a RESELLER/AFFILIATE and logged in to Wikimint, the RESELLER/AFFILIATE as well as the CUSTOMER will earn commission and all Wikimint members including the CUSTOMER and the RESELLER/AFFILIATE will earn auto-fill bonus reward.

Privacy Policy

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  1. We collect the following information from the customer for placing orders with the vendors, who is billing and shipping the products and we never share them with any others:
    1. Buyer name
    2. Buyer mobile number
    3. Delivery address
    4. Buyer email ID (Optional)
  2. For analyzing purposes (Affiliate program) and rewarding our members, we use IP addresses of both the CUSTOMERS as well as RESELLER/AFFILIATE. This will help us to find out accuracy and correctness in the Affiliate program process to release affiliate commission.
  3. We use cookie technology for the devices to recognize the CUSTOMERS (Session until logout) and RESELLERS/AFFILIATE (Session for 90 days)